About Pollyanna

Horses are exceptional individuals to be around. Treating them is a privilege that I am grateful to be able to do. There is a sense of calmness, and tranquility when being around horses. It is good for the soul. Through feeling and looking for visual clues I am able to help relieve tension, reduce pain and allow them to move more freely than before. I love what I do and I try my upmost to do everything I can to help your horse.

My journey with horses started when I was in my teens and I learnt to ride, I rode friends’ horses but never had the privilege of owning my own until I was older. I originally qualified as a human massage therapist and then a sport therapist. After owning my own horses I wanted to be able to use my skills with them so qualified as and Equinology Equine Body Worker. Over the past couple of years I have added acupressure, rock tape and transferred skills that I learnt from humans over to treating and helping horses. I have also had the fortunate experience of working alongside Jin Langstone a Master EBW and McTimoney animal practitioner over the last couple of years. I am a fully insured Equine bodyworker.

In my spare time I can be found up at the field with my horses or playing hockey. I do also treat humans so if you have any musculoskeletal issues I can help with that to. I am an accredited APPI Pilates instructor and and Advanced EquiPilates biomechanics coach so can help you get stronger and more balanced for your horse.

I am currently studying for an MSc in McTimoney animal manipulation so in the future I will be able to perform adjustments to your horse (or animal) alongside soft tissue work.

What People Say

Had a stiff little pony who wasn’t moving correctly. After his visit he looked great! Moving much more freely.


Lovely caring and very professional my horse really benefitted from treatment and after care advice. Thank you.

Joanne Hayes

Pollyanna is lovely, she’s a natural with horses. My rescue horse who is usually suspicious of new people was immediately drawn to her. It was lovely. And Pollyanna is also a superb body worker. Highly recommend.

Katie Reedman

Let’s build something together.

The Herd


Age: 10 yrs

Breed: Irish Sport Horse (Dutch Warmblood x ISH)

Height: 16.3hh

From a distance I look a lot like Travis, we share the same rug size. I am second in command which I quite like as Travis is much better at making decisions. I used to hunt but found I couldn’t cope and used to offload people and run home. I have a much more relaxed life now which I am enjoying. There is no pressure and I can relax. I do enjoy jumping but currently in my own time, I sometimes jump gates and fences if I think I am being left out. Due to this I am always taken on hacks either ridden or in hand. I like going out on hacks with Travis. I love food, playing and my farrier (I like nuzzling his hair!). I have really big feet and am barefoot.


Age: 19 yrs

Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Height: 16.3hh

I am opinionated and can be stubborn at times. I work with my owner Pollyanna as a partnership. We are in things together. I don’t like being shouted at and you have to earn my respect. I love mints, apples that are red and green (I won’t eat just green apples!) I am the boss of my herd and enjoy having company. I get grumpy in winter but love spring and summer. I can be lazy at times but do love to jump. I am also barefoot and move so much better without shoes on.


Age: 18 months

Breed: Sport Horse (TB with a smidge of ID)

Height: I am still growing

I am the youngest in the herd. I love hanging out with the others. They teach me loads of things but I still have a lot to learn. I am pretty chilled. I love food and sleeping. I also like putting things in my mouth and running around with my head in a trug bucket on the floor. I am really good for the farrier but I forget sometimes that I can’t move my other legs when he is trimming me and sometimes fall over or need Pollyanna to hold me up. I like playing with my herd mates and can’t wait to go on hacks with them.

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