Horse Pilates

Horse pilates is a series of low impact exercises that help to strengthen your horses muscles to gain improved postural alignment and engagement. The focus of pilates exercises are on the core, however they also incorporate other muscles such as the gluteals and allow co ordinated activation of muscle groups so the body can function as a whole.

All fitness levels can benefit from pilates including horses competing at the top level and those that are recovering from an injury. Carrot stretches are the foundation exercises that make up Pilates as your horse advances other in hand exercises including pole work are included. Through these exercise your horse is able to activate its core and use its body more effectively allowing it to be more resilient to injury and imbalances.

Pollyanna often incorporates pilates exercises into her treatment when performing a bodywork session. However Pollyanna is able to do sessions that just involve pilates. A biit like a personal training session for your horse. Pollyanna is also happy to teach these exercises to owners so that they can be performed more regularly. This is also a great way for owners to build a deeper partnership with their horse.

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