How to prepare you horse for bodywork?

  • Your horse needs to be dry for a treatment
  • Brushing off any thick mud would be appreciated
  • If your horse is lame then it needs to be seen by a vet and permission for bodywork by that vet given
  • If your horse is lame during my assessment then I will refer back to your vet before conducting any further treatment. No charge will be made for the session
  • Have a head collar on your horse
  • A quiet space that your horse feels relaxed and comfortable in is ideal for treatment this can be a field (weather permitting), stable, yard or any safe space.
  • If your horse has any cuts or abrasions I can still treat, I will just avoid those areas. Anything that can be spread or is contagious then the appointment will be re-arranged until your horse is better
  • If you have a nervous or young horse then touching them regularly all over will really help get them used to being massaged. Focusing on areas like the poll, ears and between the legs helps hugely. I am used to working with young and nervous horses so it is not a problem and we will just take things slower and make sure they are happy and comfortable with the process

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