What to expect in a treatment

Initial treatment

Duration: About an hour and half

On your horse’s first appointment a history will be taken including past injuries/illness, current workload, how your horse feels ridden, nutrition and basic information as when the vet, farrier and saddler last visited.

If appropriate I may ask you to ride your horse to see how they move under saddle in walk, trot and canter (if safe and possible). I will also ask them to be walked and trotted in hand on a straight line and circle (when possible). Once this has occurred I will palpate your horse slowly to get a feel of where they maybe experiencing tightness and to check symmetry and alighment. I will also look at their feet and legs.

The treatment will generally be an hour and will include massage, acupressure, stretches, mobilisations, and pilates exercises (core strength). It may also include the use of rocktape, cups, fascial tools and heat when appropriate. At the end aftercare exercises suitable for your horse maybe advised to help them going forward.

Follow up/Maintenance treatment

Duration: About one hour

An updated history since last seen will be taken. Along with walking and trotting your horse in hand on a straight line and circle. If your horse is experiencing a problem when ridden then I may want to see them under saddle.

Your horse will then be palpated to check alignment and any tension present.

Treatment will include massage, stretches, acupressure, mobilisation and pilates exercises. I may also use rocktape, cups, fascial tool and heat where appropriate. Aftercare advice on exercises ridden or in hand will be given.

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