Horse Bones

Bones are an important component of your horse’s body. They offer a framework that supports and protects your horse’s body. They also contain red marrow which produces red blood cells, white blood cells and clotting cells. Bones also form joints which combined with muscles and ligaments allow movement of the body.

Bones are the hardest tissue in the body but they do have some flexibility allowing them to deal with forces generated from movement. Bones also remodel in accordance to stresses placed on them and this allows them to fix themselves after a break.

Bones can suffer injuries. Sometimes the remodelling process can be hindered and cause a stress reaction in the bone and even hairline fractures. This can be due to to much load in regards to exercise (forces), nutritional deficiencies or hormonal issues.

Bones can also suffer from impact injuries where they can fracture or suffer more minor trauma. With the right care this can heal but in horses the location of the fracture will dictate the outcome and some bone fractures can mean a horse has to be put to sleep.

Osteoarthritis is also a condition that can affect horses this is generally due to age and wear and tear on the joint surfaces. This can be managed via vet guidance, nutrition and regular bodywork to help make your horse more comfortable.

Joints of the horse

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